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Residential Restoration Services in Wisconsin

ServiceMaster DSI is the premier provider of residential disaster relief and recovery services in the United States.

Fire Restoration

Fire has the power to instantly impact the lives of home and business owners. Without immediate fire restoration, you will find yourself dealing with the issues from fire damage for a long time. ServiceMaster DSI has incredibly experienced technicians and the highest quality equipment to properly restore your home after a fire. Smoke and fire restoration needs to be left to the professionals to ensure repair in a timely manner. Contact us today for safe and efficient fire restoration project.

Water Removal and Water Damage Restoration

When water invades your home, it seeps into every crevice and crack and causes unimaginable damage. ServiceMaster DSI provides water removal, dehumidification, and full water damage restoration to ensure that your building will not suffer from lingering effects of water damage. A call to ServiceMaster DSI will ensure a comprehensive and thorough water damage restoration experience.

Mold Removal

Mold causes major damage when found indoors. ServiceMaster DSI performs full mold abatement services for homes and businesses. When we work these projects, we ensure mold does not transfer to another room in your home during the remediation process. After ServiceMaster DSI is done with your home, it will once again be a happy and healthy place to live.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

After fire or water damage, the appearance and feel of your carpet and upholstery may be under intense scrutiny. With upholstery and carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster DSI, you can restore your items for far less than what it costs to replace them. We perform upholstery and carpet cleaning on many types of fabrics. Before you throw your smoke scented couch or drenched rugs away, call ServiceMaster DSI.

Trauma and Biohazard Cleanup

After a traumatic scene or the death of a loved one, your home or business may be in need of Trauma and Biohazard clean up services. We will properly and respectfully handle any cleanup tasks in your home. We know this can often be an emotional process, but the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI will give you the peace of mind you need.

Construction Services

Many companies tout their total disaster cleanup services, but don’t actually provide full restoration and repair. ServiceMaster DSI handles the entire process. Our highly trained project management staff oversees your restoration process from the initial assessment to the finished construction project.

Emergency Response

ServiceMaster DSI is always ready to respond. Our emergency hotline is answered 24/7/365 by a live person ready to assess the situation and help start your restoration process. No matter the issue, time is of the essence when it comes to containing damage and salvaging items in your home. Call ServiceMaster DSI when you need an immediate emergency response to the disaster you’re experiencing.

Board Up Services

After a disaster in your home, it is important to find a company that will provide you with board up services for protection while the process is being completed. This prevents vandalism, theft, and other unforeseeable damage to your home and possessions. ServiceMaster DSI provides board up services when needed so that there is no further damage and the repair process moves quickly and efficiently.

Pack Out & Storage

ServiceMaster DSI’s pack out and storage management services ensure that the damage to your home and possessions are held in control. We will take inventory, transport, and restore your items in a clean, climate controlled facility to ensure that they are unharmed. We will then safely store them until they can be returned to your home. With our pack out and storage services, your possessions will remain safe until the restoration process is complete.

Whenever you need residential disaster restoration services such as water removal or fire restoration, contact ServiceMaster DSI.


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