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Construction Restoration Company in Wisconsin

Clean-up work in a disaster situation can be hazardous. Flood and fire disasters can even be worse with structural problems and objects underwater you cannot see and poor sanitary conditions. Along with understanding the hazardous situations during clean-up, we also use the proper clean-up techniques to mitigate future problems within the structure of the building. Both government and private institutions rely on ServiceMaster DSI to provide disaster recovery clean up and to rebuild after a disaster takes place in Wisconsin. Our construction cleanup teams are EPA certified in Lead Safe work practices and asbestos removal.

Recovering from a disaster is usually a very stressful and exhausting ordeal. Your home could be damaged from a flood, tornado, severe storm or fire. We have the equipment and disaster recovery specialists to take care of your home and allow you to focus on getting your family back to normal.

In the aftermath of a calamity, construction cleanup can be hazardous and may bring a traumatic experience. Even if you were up to the task, numerous dangers abound when it comes to disaster restoration and recovery. Flood and fire disasters can easily leave parts of your home structurally unsound, opening you up to the possibility of accidents and injuries should these burnt or waterlogged areas of your home give way. Water in flooded areas of your home can also present you with rather life-threatening scenarios such as deep holes, obstructions you can run into and sharp edges that you might not know are there. Even the gathering of debris from these areas of your home can present you with injury-causing possibilities, such as exposed nails, sharp edges, broken glass and many more.

Other problems that can present themselves when it comes to cleaning up disaster-struck areas, be it your home or your office, include exposed electrical wires, falling debris from loose ceilings and walls, asbestos exposure and more. Mold is common for damaged buildings, and spores that can cause illnesses and can easily be spread around. These very same issues can also become a problem after cleanup if you do not dry your homes properly or remove any damp objects from these rooms before moving back in.

All of these problems can be avoided with the help of professional disaster recovery services such as ServiceMaster DSI. You will find that with our help, returning your home or your office to how it was before disaster struck can be done in a short amount of time and in the best possible way. Safety won’t be an issue, and neither will musty smells and structural problems. We make sure that all possible predicaments that may arise with such disasters occurring is taken into consideration, and taken care of to ensure that you, your family and everyone else is safe when they get back inside.

The best solution for this kind of a situation is to call in ServiceMaster DSI’s experts to take care of the disaster recovery clean up, repair, and restoration to bring your life back to normal.

If you are in need of a construction cleanup company, do not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster DSI online, in person or by phone. We have an office location in Madison, WI. We look forward to working with you.


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